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Tampa Air Conditioning Customer referral rewards
Air Conditioning Customer referral rewards

Hello from us all at Expert Service Techs .com & we appreciate all of your air conditioning customer referrals. In fact, there is no greater or better compliment - and we would like to say thanks so much. We are happy to know that you were satisfied with the air conditioner service that we provided for you. We created a ac referral rewards program to give back to you & all of our A/C customers. Just simply fill out the card below & give it to a friend, family member, neighbor or anyone you may know that may need A/C services. Services all the way from air conditioner check-ups, new ultra violet air purification filtration system, ac unit installations,, air duct replacement, & more. When they use one of our air conditioning services, you earn referral rewards!

Preventative Maintenance

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A/C Preventative Maintenance

We have multiple preventative maintenance agreement packages for your air conditioning system. Preventative maintenance will save you money, maintain a healthy environment, improve the running efficiency, reduce electric bills, avoid costly breakdowns and extends the life of your air conditioning equipment. At the time of ac maintenance, the system will have the following Items checked
Preventative maintenance full system inspection - Tampa, FL - Land o Lakes Florida, Hillsborough and pasco County
Extras & Benefits for having a Preventative Maintenance Contract:
  • Receive 15% Discount off
  • $50 off Evaporator coils Pull out & Clean service
  • Added to the "Preferred Customers List" which gets you the fastest service in peek seasons in the event of a breakdown

You Should know:

"Changing your ac filter regularly help your unit run more efficiently"

Lockes Expert and Quality Service Air Conditioning - Expert Reliable Technicians - Tampa Florida - Hillsborough County, Pasco, Land o lakes

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Expert Air Conditioning in Tampa Florida & Surrounding Areas!

"Customer Satisfaction = Lasting Good Business!"

AC System Check Up - Tampa FL - Tampa Bay Area - Lockes Air Conditioning and heating, Hillsborough County - Pasco Land o LakesOur goal has always been to provide expert & quality air conditioning service to all of our customers. We have been serving the Tampa Bay area and all surrounding areas for over 25 years. Our HVAC contractors & air conditioner technicians level of expertise always leaves our customers with a feeling of satisfaction and comfort. We back all our ac repair & installation services and parts with a guarantee that you can count on. We are a family owned honest air conditioning business so we know how important it is to evaluate situations with a level of understanding & care. Our reliable air conditioner technicians diagnose and troubleshoot existing problems or issues and give you a cost-efficient solution.

Our competitors always ask "How and why are you offering such great pricing?" Well..... we know that if you take great care of your customers, you can always count on repeat business and word of mouth referrals. We are a licensed mechanical Air Conditioning Company in Tampa and we provide services ranging from residential system air conditioner preventive maintenance, to commercial multi-system ac installations. With our a/c fair pricing guidelines our competitors can't even compare.

"We look forward to providing you with expert & quality service"

Lockes Expert and Quality Service Air Conditioning - Expert Reliable Technicians - Tampa Florida - Hillsborough County, Pasco, Land o lakes

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